Ballroom with a Twist

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Tickets start at $32

Dancing with the Stars Pros!
Young dancers from So You Think You Can Dance!
American Idol

This groundbreaking show stars a roster of fabulous young dancers from “So You Think You Can Dance”, dance pros from “Dancing With the Stars”, and “American Idol” finalists.  An extravagant evening of entertainment, stunning costumes, magnificent music, and breathtaking performances. Choreographed by DWTS' own Louis van Amstel.

EXTRAVAGANCE Or at least the show will look extravagant. "The costumes are pretty much what you see on 'Dancing With the Stars,' " van Amstel says. Translation: colorful, flashy and, for the women, barely there. "They're young, they're hot, they're in the best shape of their lives," the dance master.

DANCE MOVES Besides his TV gig, van Amstel, former Latin and show dance world champion, has turned to choreography and coaching. Van Amstel knows how to get people to move but wants to move the audience. "What I want people to take home with them is that they're being touched," he says, "that they're being moved by something beautiful."

SO WHAT'S THE TWIST? "Ballroomwith a Twist" is not a competition; no dancers will be eliminated. "We have musicals" - Broadway-style dance numbers - "we have classical, we have authentic music and pop," van Amstel says. "It's all ballroom dancing. But we're actually going to go to a little bit of hip-hop. . . . We have a little surprise for the audience. But I'm not going to tell you."

John Varineau, Conductor
Edyta Sliwinska, Dancer
Jonathan Roberts (replaces Alec Mazo), Dancer
Gina Glockson (Idol Season 6), Vocalist
Lakisha Jones (Idol Season 6), Vocalist
David Hernadez (Idol Season 7), Vocalist
Von Smith (Idol Season 8), Vocalist