An American in Paris

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Tickets start at $18.

Travel the World through Music. Close your eyes and imagine the streets of Paris, the fountains of Rome, the sweeping lines of GR’s Calder Sculpture, and the urban culture of LA. Great cities of the world live for eternity through these masterful musical works.

"An American in Paris," written by George Gershwin in 1928, is an iconic composition with highly memorable melodies. Audiences may remember the use of the music in the 1951 film of the same name featuring Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron. "An American in Paris" evokes the sights and sounds of being a tourist, wandering the streets of Paris in the 1920's - not lacking in authenticity, the 1928 premiere even included the use of Parisian taxi horns.

Andrew Norman
The Great Swiftness
John Adams
City Noir
Fountains of Rome
An American in Paris
David Lockington, Conductor

"This concert is a great combination of old and new."
— David Lockington, Music Director